One AM is a small architectural visualisation studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company name doesn't origin from the late hours at the office,  but rather this being a one-man company with the founder Andreas Myrup behind the wheel. The studio's philosophy is to craft beautiful and unique 3D visuals that tickles the brain and pleases the eye. I like to produce images that have a unique overall feeling and a sense of realism.

Services / WHAT I DO

I offer a broad range of services to help businesses thrive in the digital age. Below I have listed my main services, but if you wanna know more, you should definitely take a look at my services page, where I go much more into detail.




The Process / It's like this & that

It can be a bit difficult to grasp, how I create the visuals. Below I have dug a bit deeper and explained the process of bringing an image to life. There is no real science to it, but it’s how it usually goes…



01. Hello!

The journey starts with a ‘Hello’ (hola, bonjour or ciao is totally fine as well). From here on I need a small brief of the project and a good idea of your perspective on the task.



02. Perspective

Before jumping into production, I go in depth with your project. I make sure that I have understood everything correctly and are coming from the right perspective. The initial process starts with inspiration pictures and mood boards to give your project the right setting. It’s important to get it right at this stage, as it will save countless hours later in the process.



03. Production

Production is where I get things done! Once the right frame is set for the project and both teams are on board, I begin to execute the plans we agreed on. I usually do some initial drafts and let them go into evaluation.


Evaluation & Loop

04. Evaluation & loop

From the initial drafts I need commenting from your end. I like it if you draw or write directly on the images with things you need changed - but I will let that be up to you. Then I jump back into production and start making things perfect.